Development trends of the packaging industry

( 13-01-2015 - 05:28 PM ) - Views: 9824

When buying an item consumers not only pay for their products to buy, but also to pay a significant cost for packaging.

In some cases these costs up to 30% or greater than 30% of the payment, but buyers are still pleased to accept. Why so?
The packaging manufacturer must carefully consider when deciding whether to do how to package a product unity within and contribute to increasing the value of the product. Not only that, the packaging must also make economic sense, that is, with a minimum amount of material must have a maximum number of products. Packaging should fit snugly, product packaging process easier with less time, reduce number of colors in but effective presentation ...
There is one important thing that we need to keep in mind: Packaging is dynamic and constantly changing, the material requires new production methods so need new equipment. The cycle will change faster. Quality packaging will increasingly better.
In addition, to meet the tastes of consumers, advertising products packaging must be designed to make a compelling, striking the inside of the product, easy to differentiate products manufacturer with the other production ... Packaging must be beautiful and attractive. Colors, images, information must meet the requirements of the manufacturer's products. Color resistance to time, light, must be the same between different batches print. When designing the packaging to show the full range of information about the product inside, meet the requirements of manufacturers and consumers: production date, expiry date, the origin of products, components, manual ... In some cases, this requires extremely strict as pharmaceutical packaging.
  However, future packaging industry will face major challenges in technology, there is a tendency packaging must be thin, lightweight, environmentally safe, high-performance packaging, printing more beautiful . Meanwhile, the raw materials for producing packaging for increasingly scarce, customer requirements for packaging manufacturers increasingly stringent and more demanding, and the management of government day more stringent.
  Answering the global packaging trends, Mr. Herry Debney - The provincial council Australian packaging stating: 'Cutting costs; shorten the manufacturing process; convenient packaging; Time used to be prolonged; advanced distribution system and effectively manage distribution channels; packaging as a marketing tool; concerned about the environment; e-commerce and globalization trends'.
  The book tends to cut costs on top is an inescapable fact for all packaging businesses. Today we want to keep production activities of its business is to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness in manufacturing and services, to find out measures to best serve, bring high benefits most customers.
Consider packaging as a marketing tool as well as an important trend that we need attention. The change in consumer buying habits from small shops to buy in the supermarket also affect packaging design. An average supermarket has approximately 30,000 products sold 2/3 of the purchase decision is made right in front. Each client usually intend to buy 10 products while in supermarkets, but then often buy products to 19, the average person takes 9 seconds to decide to purchase.
Thus, the shape, the appearance of packaging, brand products have actually played an important role in purchasing decisions. The product brand managers are increasingly aware of the importance of international brands and brand nationally. This raises the requirements of packaging manufacturing enterprises to adopt international standards in the production and distribution of packaging products.
Customers expect and manufacturers will expand its network not only provides packaging in place that both regionally and globally. Market expansion, range expansion, product diversification capability requires coordination flexibility here is the human factor becomes ever more important and decisive. The relationship between packaging manufacturers, packaging users and consumers have become more important than ever.
Technological change, scientific development it is important to develop production, but for the industry of Vietnam us, and here is the packaging industry only really strong, and potentially competitive as closely associated with the manufacturers of the industry, with proper orientation of the strategic management. It really is the responsibility and challenge for all of us