Gizeh (DUC) announced a breakthrough innovation, OFFSET IN THE PICTURE FOR COMMENT

( 13-01-2015 - 05:26 PM ) - Views: 9889

Higher yields and cost saving benefits are confirmed for "real innovation" of offset printing method, but this method was first used in the packaging of plastic spheres, the Gizeh company said.


Offset printing on packaging sphere

The company said the technology advances mean method for high-speed printing can be used in applications such as printed on the bottle (shaped) curve.


"With the new method, which can be done on the curved cup, ...", a spokesman for the company said "So far the curved separation can only be printed by the method in dark-Pong (roughly translated from pad printing) or printed on film shrinkage and contraction in the product. However, the method does not in dark-Pong how to achieve speed offset printing machine "



The company has announced initiatives and have registered with the agency and patented brand in Munich Germany and the first product was made for Friesland Campina, the company uses printing techniques and products put on the market this week.


"Gizeh is expected in the new method will be in high demand in the market, especially the food industry, such as all kinds of dairy products including yogurt, pudding, cream cheese and similar food, snacks, "the spokesman said.


The technical challenges
Gizeh said there were a number of challenges must be overcome to technical adaptation offset printing on spherical objects.
"The challenge is to convert the image from the cylinders into convex and concave curved surface of printed materials," said Frank Kriener, in charge of the production company said. "You're doing in on the sphere and at high speed"

Meanwhile, the company said, can not reveal the details of this breakthrough offset printing, spokesperson declared, "As far as we know so far, in the printing industry is no comparison method printing on plastic cups spherical "


Losing nine months to develop new printing techniques, the team at Gizeh marking machine configuration as the official test run, the test to solve the problems related to print all colors on curved surfaces as well as adapt to the printing unit and the system's ability to hold and dialysis.

"With a few modifications, the system can be printed on the cups with different curvature," the spokesman said. "Especially not change the tube in, but if the replacement would be extremely costly and time consuming."